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The Children's Theatre Workshop

The Children's Theatre Workshop
12 Bay Street,

The  Children's Theatre Workshop was founded in the summer of 2006, upon the request of a little girl who wanted to "give theater a try!"  Joanie Walsh began The Children's Theatre Workshop after struggling to find an affordable theatre program for her daughter Kyra.  Having  minored in theater in college Walsh decided to run a small summer theater workshop for elementary kids.  The goal was to keep theater affordable and to build self-esteem in kids.  To her surprise 23 kids signed up to participate in that very first play "Peter Pan"... and the rest is history!  Today, the Children's Theater Workshop has served over 3000 children and expanded to include Preschool,  Elementary School, Middle School and High School.  We also run two types of theater programs - Workshop Classes and MainStage Productions.  Many thanks to my daughter Kyra  for igniting the flame and being the inspiration behind CTW.  Many thanks to the "spirit" of Peter Pan (our very first play) who constantly reminds me that playing, pretending and feeling good about yourself are very important endeavors in the life of a child!

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