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Kitsap Children's Musical Theatre

Kitsap Children's Musical Theatre
1881 NE Hostmark St

Kitsap Children's Musical Theatre’s mission is to provide youth a creative outlet in a positive learning environment through professional, Broadway-type, theatrical experience. Our vision is that Kitsap Children's Musical Theatre be available to all youth who wish to participate, regardless of background, or finance.

Our ongoing goals are:
 - To be constantly growing towards professionalism as we train youth in the art of musical theatre production.
 - To produce the best show in the best facility with the best scripts, costumes, sets, lights and sound that our growing budget will allow.
 - To be known throughout the community as an awe-inspiring theatrical production company where participants and audience members alike are fulfilled and entertained.
 - To continue to grow as we venture to meet the community’s need for a successful, children’s musical theatre company.
 - To train our Kitsap Children's Musical Theatre youth today to become our community theatre leaders of tomorrow.
 - To uphold wholesome qualities, family-oriented customs and high moral standards.
 - To procure a state-of-the-art performance facility that will be a permanent home for Kitsap Children's Musical Theatre.

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