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Children's Theatre Of Charlotte

Children's Theatre Of Charlotte
300 East 7th Street

Mission Statement:

We believe in the power of theatre.
we believe our work should be rich with wonder, honesty, compassion, joy, humor and wisdom.
We are dedicated to excellence
we strive for professionalism and outstanding artistry in all our efforts.
We believe in the educational power of the arts.
we believe the arts are central to learning and that they delight, enlighten and enchant.
We respect and embrace the uniqueness of all young people.
we strive to foster creativity and independent thinking; we look to assist young people as they face life's challenges and discover themselves and the world.
We provide a supportive, nurturing, safe environment for all who passes through our doors
we treat everyone with equal respect, courtesy and care.
We bring together the diverse populations of our community
we strive to represent the cultural diversity of our extended community in who we are and what we do.
We are dedicated to financial strength
we believe continued financial strength is paramount to our success.
We value the passion and commitment of staff and volunteers
we strive to support and nurture our staff and volunteers throughout all aspects of our organization.
We believe service and engagement with our community is at the core of our work.
We strive to provide a place for people and organizations to connect, collaborate, learn and grow together.

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